Bridge Mode For A
Thomson / Technicolor Routers

Place the router in bridge mode so it acts as a simple ADSL modem.
Any one of the four ethernet ports can then be connected to a second device (router or PC).

Bridge Mode
A Simple method for the locked O2 wireless box only  

Word wrap can corrupt the file.
If in doubt download and use the file.

[ sntpc.ini ]

[ env.ini ]
set var=CONF_COND_ENCRYPT value=enabled
set var=CONF_REGION value=UK
set var=CONF_PROVIDER value=O2BB
set var=CONF_DESCRIPTION value="Bridged Connection."
set var=CONF_SERVICE value=Bridge
set var=CONF_DATETIME value=0000-00-00T00:00:00
set var=HOST_SETUP value=auto
set var=HOST_LANGUAGE value=en
set var=UPGRADE_URL value=
set var=ST_DHCP_SRV_ACTIVE value=disabled
set var=CWMPUSER value=${_OUI}-${_PROD_SERIAL_NBR}
set var=SEPARATOR value=.
set var=WL0_SSID_PREFIX_CUSTOM value=O2wireless
set var=WL1_SSID_PREFIX_CUSTOM value=O2guest
set var=Bridge value=1
set var=ST_SYS_USERNAME value=Administrator
set var=CONF_TEMPLATE value=2bridge.tpl
set var=CONF_USR_COMMENT value="Configuration created by Embedded Wizard (profile:active/3static.tpl)"
set var=CONF_DATE value="Configuration set by Embedded Wizard"
set var=CONF_TPVERSION value=2.0.0

[ wizard.ini ]

[ phone.ini ]
add name=pvc_legacy addr=0*101
add name=pvc_conv addr=0*102

[ ipqos.ini ]

[ atm.ini ]
ifadd intf=atm_internet1
ifconfig intf=atm_internet1 dest=pvc_legacy ulp=mac
ifattach intf=atm_internet1
ifadd intf=atm_internet2
ifconfig intf=atm_internet2 dest=pvc_conv ulp=mac
ifattach intf=atm_internet2
debug traceconfig len=100

[ wireless.ini ]
radio state=disabled

[ bridge.ini ]
ifadd brname=bridge intf=ethport2 dest=ethif2 logging=disabled
ifadd brname=bridge intf=ethport3 dest=ethif3 logging=disabled
ifadd brname=bridge intf=ethport4 dest=ethif4 logging=disabled
ifadd brname=bridge intf=virt dest=ethif5 logging=disabled
ifadd brname=bridge intf=WLAN dest=wlif1 logging=disabled
ifadd brname=bridge intf=Internet1
ifadd brname=bridge intf=Internet2
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=ethport1 wan=disabled logging=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=ethport2 wan=disabled logging=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=ethport3 wan=disabled logging=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=ethport4 wan=disabled logging=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=virt wan=disabled logging=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=WLAN wan=disabled logging=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=Internet1 dest=atm_internet1 wan=enabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=Internet2 dest=atm_internet2 wan=enabled
ifattach brname=bridge intf=ethport2 logging=disabled
ifattach brname=bridge intf=ethport3 logging=disabled
ifattach brname=bridge intf=ethport4 logging=disabled
ifattach brname=bridge intf=virt logging=disabled
ifattach brname=bridge intf=WLAN logging=disabled
ifattach brname=bridge intf=Internet1
ifattach brname=bridge intf=Internet2
config brname=bridge age=300 filter=no_WAN_broadcast vlan=disabled
ippriomap brname=bridge type=tos tostable=Default precedencemap=4,7,9,11,13,14,15,15
ippriomap brname=bridge type=tos tostable=MinimizeDelay precedencemap=4,7,9,11,13,14,15,15
ippriomap brname=bridge type=tos tostable=MaximizeThroughput precedencemap=4,7,9,11,13,14,15,15
ippriomap brname=bridge type=tos tostable=MaximizeReliability precedencemap=4,7,9,11,13,14,15,15
ippriomap brname=bridge type=tos tostable=MinimizeCost precedencemap=4,7,9,11,13,14,15,15
ippriomap brname=bridge type=dscp dscpidx=dscp_0_7 precedencemap=4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4
ippriomap brname=bridge type=dscp dscpidx=dscp_8_15 precedencemap=7,7,7,7,6,6,6,6
ippriomap brname=bridge type=dscp dscpidx=dscp_16_23 precedencemap=9,9,9,9,8,8,8,8
ippriomap brname=bridge type=dscp dscpidx=dscp_24_31 precedencemap=11,11,11,11,10,10,10,10
ippriomap brname=bridge type=dscp dscpidx=dscp_32_39 precedencemap=13,13,13,13,12,12,12,12
ippriomap brname=bridge type=dscp dscpidx=dscp_40_47 precedencemap=14,14,14,14,14,14,14,14
ippriomap brname=bridge type=dscp dscpidx=dscp_48_55 precedencemap=15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15
ippriomap brname=bridge type=dscp dscpidx=dscp_56_63 precedencemap=15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15

[ igmpsnooping.ini ]
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=OBC portmode=Auto fastleave=enabled exptrack=disabled mrdp=enabled rgmp=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=ethport1 portmode=Auto fastleave=disabled exptrack=disabled mrdp=enabled rgmp=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=ethport2 portmode=Auto fastleave=disabled exptrack=disabled mrdp=enabled rgmp=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=ethport3 portmode=Auto fastleave=disabled exptrack=disabled mrdp=enabled rgmp=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=ethport4 portmode=Auto fastleave=disabled exptrack=disabled mrdp=enabled rgmp=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=virt portmode=Auto fastleave=disabled exptrack=disabled mrdp=enabled rgmp=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=WLAN portmode=Auto fastleave=disabled exptrack=disabled mrdp=enabled rgmp=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=Internet1 portmode=Auto fastleave=disabled exptrack=disabled mrdp=enabled rgmp=disabled
ifconfig brname=bridge intf=Internet2 portmode=Auto fastleave=disabled exptrack=disabled mrdp=enabled rgmp=disabled
config brname=bridge state=disabled floodrp=disabled floodmcast=disabled queryto=140

[ eth.ini ]

[ ppp.ini ]

[ ip.ini ]
ifadd intf=LocalNetwork dest=bridge
ifconfig intf=loop mtu=65535 group=local symmetric=enabled
ifconfig intf=LocalNetwork mtu=1500 group=lan linksensing=disabled primary=enabled
ifattach intf=LocalNetwork
config forwarding=enabled redirects=enabled netbroadcasts=disabled randomdatagramids=disabled ttl=64 fraglimit=64 defragmode=enabled addrcheck=dynamic mssclamping=enabled acceleration=enabled
config checkoptions=enabled
config natloopback=enabled
config arpclass=12
config arpcachetimeout=900
ipadd intf=LocalNetwork addr= addroute=enabled
ipadd intf=LocalNetwork addr= addroute=enabled
ipconfig addr= preferred=enabled primary=enabled
rtadd dst= gateway=

[ dnss.ini ]
config domain=lan timeout=15 suppress=0 state=enabled trace=disabled syslog=disabled WANDownSpoofing=disabled WDSpoofedIP=
host add name=speedtouch addr= ttl=1200
host add name=dsldevice addr= ttl=1200

[ dhcr.ini ]
ifconfig intf=LocalNetwork relay=enabled
add name=LocalNetwork_to_127.0.0.1
modify name=LocalNetwork_to_127.0.0.1 addr= intf=LocalNetwork giaddr=
add name=Hotspot_to_Local

[ dhcc.ini ]
debug traceconfig state=disabled

[ dhcsp.ini ]
debug traceconfig state=disabled
config state=disabled

[ nat.ini ]
config randomports=disabled

[ igmp.ini ]
config state=enabled qi=125 qri=10 lmqi=1 rv=2 advinter=20 initadvinter=2 initadvcount=3 requirera=disabled localgroup=disabled
ifconfig intf=LocalNetwork state=downstream version=IGMPv3 fastleave=disabled exptrack=disabled mrd=disabled

[ system.ini ]
settime timezone=+00:00 daylightsaving=enabled gtzn=(UTC)
dst mode=Relative startdate=24/01/2000 starttime=00:00:00 enddate=24/01/2000 endtime=00:16:40 startweekday=Sunday starthour=2 startweek=5 startmonth=3 endweekday=Sunday endhour=2 endweek=5 endmonth=10
config upnp=enabled tr64=disabled tr64auth=disabled mdap=enabled resetbutton=enabled
config autosave=enabled autosavedelay=10
config WANMode=ADSL WANEthPort=""

[ wansensing.ini ]
mode add name=NONE maininterval=5 scriptname=O2-auto-sensing-script redirectgui=disabled
mode add name=Dynamic maininterval=60 scriptname=dyn-script redirectgui=disabled
mode add name=Static maininterval=60 scriptname=sta-script redirectgui=disabled
requestmode mode=ERROR
config state=enabled errorinterval=0 errorscript=O2-error-script

[ tod.ini ]
:mbus debug loadobjects dmtree atomic path Hosts.Host

[ servmgr.ini ]
modify name=SNTP state=disabled
modify name=SLA_ICMP_PING state=disabled
modify name=DHCP-S state=disabled
modify name=CWMP-C state=disabled
modify name=CWMP-S state=disabled

[ kta.ini ]

[ kti.ini ]

[ koa.ini ]
a d="" l=yes

[ koi.ini ]
a d="" l=yes

[ endofarch ]

Bridge Mode
A Telnet method suitable for a unlocked router.

Generic settings for a BT based UK internet provider
Commands Comments
ppp relay flush
ppp flush
eth flush
atm flush
atm  phonebook flush
atm phonebook add name=pvc_Internet addr=0*38 addr = options [VPI*VCI]
atm ifadd intf=atm_Internet
atm ifconfig intf=atm_Internet dest=pvc_Internet ulp=mac encaps=llc ulp = options  [mac|ip|ppp]
encaps = options [llc|vcmux]
atm ifattach intf=atm_Internet
eth bridge ifadd intf=Internet brname=bridge
eth bridge ifconfig intf=Internet dest=atm_Internet wan=enabled
eth bridge ifattach intf=Internet 
service system modify name=DHCP-S state=disabled
system config upnp=disabled
wireless radio state=disabled Disable wireless -- optional
Only use from a ethernet connection

The only way to connect to this routers interface (GUI) when in bridge mode is via ethernet.
And with the PC on a static IP address such as

Create a Cable Router
Turn port 4 in to a EWAN port.

With these commands you can connect the Technicolor router to a Fibre modem.

Commands Comments
ppp flush
ppp relay flush
eth flush
atm flush
atm phonebook flush
eth bridge ifdelete intf=ethport4
eth ifadd intf=eth_wan
eth ifconfig intf=eth_wan dest=ethif4 vlan=default
eth ifattach intf=eth_wan
eth ifconfig intf=eth_wan wan=enabled
ppp ifadd intf=Internet
ppp ifconfig intf=Internet dest= eth_wan
ppp ifconfig intf=Internet class=12 accomp=enabled mru=1492 format=none dnsmetric=10 idletime=0 restart=enabled
ppp ifconfig intf=Internet user=yourusername password=yourpassword status=enabled Use you ISP username and password.
ppp rtadd intf=Internet dst= src= metric=10
nat ifconfig intf=Internet translation=enabled
system config defaultconnection=Internet
system config WANMode=ETH WANEthPort=ethif4

This is for PPP connection not DHCP connection types.
Not supported with a ISP locked router (eg O2 wireless box)

Telnet Project for Thomson / Technicolor Routers

Telnet commands for a Thomson router

Change DNS Settings on a Thomson Router -- (Two methods)

Multiple SSID

Web Access Control Schedule (TOD) 

Web content filter

Telnet scripting

Enable WDS

Connect Two Thomson Routers Together

Basic DMZ on a Thomson Router

Advanced DMZ on a Thomson TG587n

Forward all ports to a specific LAN IP


Wake on LAN from Internet

Xbox and PS3 on a Thomson router

Remote Access to a Thomson Router

Fix a problem with VPN (IPSec) Connections   (Firmware Release 8.4.3 only)

Fix a problem with VPN (PPTP) Connections

Bridge Mode and Create a EWAN Port

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